Winners of the 2019 CNA Photography scholarship – to encourage creativity and productivity

© Sébastien Cuvelier, Paradise City.
As part of its mission to encourage and support the creation and distribution of works by artists in the field of photography, as well as for training purposes, the Centre national de l’audiovisuel (CNA) set up the CNA grant – Support for Creation and distribution in Photography in 2009. Since its inception, some 50 photographic projects have already been supported.

This Grant is meant for artists, professionals or those still in training, of Luxembourg nationality, or residing in Luxembourg who have some experience in photography

No subject or photographic “genre” is imposed, as the aim is to support talented artists, without any age limit. It also allows them to produce a photographic work of personal significance or to support its distribution through a publication. The CNA supports the selected artist during the development of his or her project.

For the 11th edition, 20 applications were submitted from which the jury selected 6 winners for the realization of a creation or a publishing project:

  • Sébastien Cuvelier:  Paradise City  (publication)
  • Anna Krieps: Blazar  (publication)
  • Carole Melchior:  eleutheromania “an intense and irresistible desire for freedom”  (publication)
  • Pasha Rafiy: Tehrangeles  (publication/création)
  • Marie Sommer: L’Oeil et la Glace  (création)
  • Jeff Weber : Neural Networks  (création)

The jury, which met on 22nd October 2019, was composed of Marlène Kreins, head of the Centres d’Art Dudelange; Anne-Françoise Lesuisse, artistic director of the Biennale de l’Image Possible/BIP in Liège, curator and independent critic; Emanuela Mazzonis, independent curator; Damian Zimmermann, journalist, photographer, art critic and co-founder of the Internationale Photoszene Köln; and Marguy Conzémius, curator and head of photographic commissions (CNA).

The award-winning works of art will be carried out in 2020.

Sébastien Cuvelier
Paradise City

Realization of an edition around the Paradise City project.
Paradise City is a utopian vision of a perfect Iran, inspired by the personal stories of educated Iranian youth. The work revolves around the theme of paradise, originally a Persian word meaning “fenced garden”. By extension, Persian carpets are a representation of paradise and the whole of Iran can be seen as a (lost) paradise.

Marcel Proust once wrote: “All paradises are lost paradises.” Sébastien Cuvelier tells the story of a quest that is both inaccessible and universal.”

Anna Krieps

Bazaar is a publication on the relationship between humans and the cosmos. The artist’s approach is to present unique stories and portraits of people she met during her research linked to this topic. Astronomy specialists, cosmonauts and simple inhabitants contribute to enrich the project. By associating photography, photographs and personal notes, the book that Anna Krieps wishes to produce, seeks to question space and the relationship we have with it.

Find more about Anna Krieps and where to buy her works of art.

Carole Melchior
eleutheromania “an intense and irresistible desire for freedom”
Realization of an edition around the eleutheromania project. Eleutheromania: this enigmatic word, whose sound Carole Melchior immediately liked, has an enchanting meaning. Formed from ancient Greek, while combining the terms eleutherfa-freedom, independence-and mania, it denotes the intense, even excessive desire for freedom. By choosing it as a title, the photographer invites us to consider her work in the light of this desire.

Pasha Rafiy
Tehrangeles was created as an artist’s book presenting a series of photographs from trips to Iran and the United States between 2018 and 2020, a period marked by rising political tensions between these states. The book will include photographs referring to classical genres such as portraits, landscape photography and still life. It will continue the artist’s research and investigation of aesthetic topographies.

Marie Sommer
L’Oeil et la Glace

L’Oeil et la glace is a project that started in 2018 which explores, through photography and video, the transformations of technology, mediums and archives during the Cold War. Through this project, the artist studies the journeys of the image and the different places and machines that produced and preserved it. L’Oeil et la glace focuses on Canada’s Cold War archives and connects them with the transformations and representations of the northern territories.

Jeff Weber
Neural Networks

The artist’s research proposal can be summed up by the considerable improvement of a procedure he developed for the production of photograms. These images are being generated by a network of artificial neurons – data processing software that Jeff Weber has created that emulates the way neurons connect to each other in the brain. So it is this neural network, transformed into an animated sequence and exposed on photo paper, that is responsible for the distribution of light and shadow for the resulting photogram.

Source: National Audiovisual Centre (CNA).
Cover photo of the article: © Anna Krieps, Blazar.

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