Success of the second edition of the MindCircle organized in partnership with MindForest

Mission accomplished for the organizers of the exhibition by Luxembourg visual artist Pit Wagner, which ran from September 30 to October 27 at MindForest One Lounge in Luxembourg City.

This exhibition, organized under the CovidCheck scheme, was put together by Art Work Circle in partnership with the change management consulting firm MindForest, as part of their monthly meeting, the MindCircle.

For this second edition, the Luxembourgish illustrator and visual artist Pit Wagner was honored. At the age of 30 he learned the trade of farrier, and practiced it for five years! However, he has never stopped being an artist, and draws his inspiration from everything. Pit Wagner draws everywhere: at orchestra rehearsals, in the courts, on the street and in nature. He also paints, engraves (on wood, copper…) and occasionally sculpts.

The exhibition includes a sample of 38 artworks, drawings and paintings, which are available for sale on our website.

MindCircle is an opportunity to (re-)discover and meet local artists over the years, and to expand one’s network by meeting new people from all sectors and functions who share the same taste for art, culture and inspiring exchanges.

MindForest hosted the monthly exhibition, in its premises usually available for rent for meetings, work groups and other professional events, rue Sainte-Zithe in Luxembourg City.