“Stay Gold” exhibition by Chantal Maquet

The Luxembourgish artist Chantal Maquet grew up in Colmar-Berg and currently lives in Hamburg and Bourglinster.

In her work, Chantal constantly challenges her interest in interpersonal relationships. Her Stay Gold exhibition questions our ability to take a stand in a group context. How do we reconcile our desire for personal fulfillment with the requirements of the role we are supposed to play? With her keen sense of nuance, Chantal Maquet tirelessly dissects areas of conflict and social phenomena.

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Exhibition on display on July 7th 2019. CAPE – Centre des Arts Pluriels Ettelbrück. Centre des Arts Pluriels Ed. Juncker 1, place Marie-Adélaïde, L-9063 Ettelbruck . Open: Monday-Saturday from 2 pm to 8 pm.

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