Serge Ecker was born in Esch-sur-Alzette (Luxembourg) in 1982. He lives and works in Luxembourg and Berlin.


Serge studied digital imaging and special effects, and has a passion for representing reality through the lens of new technologies: space remodelling software, geolocalisation images and 3D printers are the artist’s favourite tools when working on space and architectural forms.


He likes to reassemble urban areas such as Visit Luxembourg! UX-PVG, Vis à vis, Welcome to Schengen or architecture threatened by destruction, oblivion or neglect (Re-space series/re-visit, Shades). Serge wants to reveal, protect and reclaim these so-called no-places or settings to highlight and question the spaces we built (Ma, CT 01).


After the devastating tsunami that ravaged Japan, Serge captured images of tattered homes and added them to his collection alongside other pictures found on Google Earth and Google Streetview. After that, he digitally reassembles fragments of reality through spatial modelling software to obtain a hyper-reality.

Serge Ecker gives them a new existence, more volume and several dimensions. He moulds space like a digital sculptor and chooses his settings.


He used the same process while working on the Melusina sculpture to reveal the truth behind the myth of this legendary and mysterious character. He collects fragments of its history, takes photographs and scans an existing model to deconstruct it in multiple polygonal surfaces and reconstruct it according to selected criteria. In other words, a synthesised and moulded myth that has gone through phases of deconstruction and reconstruction.

Serge Ecker reclaims and synthetises reality, questions its authenticity with a touch of cynicism. In the end, what is left of the captured object after the reality-virtual-reality media transfer?

– Didier Damiani, art critic and art historian


  • 2002 – 2005
    • Sup‘Infograph ESRA, Nice
  • 2001 – 2002
    • 1ère E LGE, Esch-sur-Alzette
  • 1997 – 2001
    • Graphic Design LTAM, Luxembourg


    • 2015
        • Inertia of the real – Galerie Dominique Lang, Dudelange
        • Where the grass is greener – Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein, Vaduz
        • Rotondes 2.0 – Rotondes, Luxembourg
        • Handle with care (solo show) – AICA Kiosk, Luxembourg
        • DDays – Carreau du Temple, Paris
    • 2014
        • Diagonale 45 – Pavillon du Centenaire, Esch-sur-Alzette
        • Heaven, Earth & People – Galerie Gaasch, Dudelange
        • Angste Povera – Carré Rotondes, Luxembourg
        • In Progress – Annexes, Bourglinster
        • 3D Printshow Arts – Metropolitan Pavilion, New York
        • Vote Melusina – Musée de la ville de Luxembourg
    • 2013
        • Salon d’automne CAL – Carré Rotondes, Luxembourg
        • 3D Printshow Arts – Carrousel du Louvre, Paris
        • White Inside #1 – Casino, Forum d’art contemporain, Luxembourg
        • You I Landscape – Carré Rotondes, Luxembourg
    • 2012
        • Emergency – Maison du G.D. de Luxembourg, Bruxelles
        • La liberté meurt au bout d’une corde – Musée de la résistance, Esch
        • Reg’Art – Schungfabrik, Kayl
        • Emergenc(e)(y) – Carré Rotondes, Luxembourg
        • Latsempoar – Casino, Forum d’art contemporain, Luxembourg
    • 2011
        • Tracing Space – Galerie du Théâtre, Esch-sur-Alzette
        • Luxembourg Planning – Carré Rotondes, Luxembourg
        • Forum der Grossregion – In den Ministergärten, Berlin
        • Visit Luxembourg! – Exit07, Luxembourg


    • 2014
        • I love you, oh say it with paving stones” – D’Lëtzebuerger Land, Luxembourg
        • “Diagonale 45 – Retrospective 50 années” – Lions International Club, Esch-sur-Alzette


    • 2013
        • “Luxembeach – Forum, Luxembourg – “Im Reich der Mitte 2.0” – Regiofactum
        • “You I Landscape” – CNA, Ministère de la culture, carré Rotondes – “Paradise Lost” – Forum, Luxembourg


    • 2012
        • “What comes after the L” (Daniel Jacoby) – Mousse Publishing/Casino Lux
        • “La liberté meurt chaque jour au bout d’une corde” – Musée de la résistance
        • “Reg’ Art” – Commune de Kayl/Tétange


    • 2011
        • “Trading Space” – Lions International Club, Esch-sur-Alzette


    • 2010
        • “Gëlle Fraa – LUX->PVG” Postcard – Self-published
        • “Visions of Schengen” Postcards – Regiofactum, Saarbrücken


    • 2014 – Winner of the competition to create a sculpture of Melusina in Luxembourg-City


    • 2013 – One of the 5 laureates to receive the CNA grant for a research project

Professional experience:

    • 2008 Grid Design, Luxembourg (CEO & creative director)


    • 2007 – 2008 Ballini, Pitt & Partners, Luxembourg (CG artist & graphic designer)


    • 2005 – 2007 Blanx 3D Animation Studio, Cologne (CG artist)

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