Se-Lyung MOON is born in Pusan, South Korea, she lives and works in Lorraine, France. As a visual artist, Se-Lyung MOON seeks the aesthetics of Bi-Jang-Mi beauty (from the Korean: 비장미, 悲壯美), “the beauty where the sublime lies in melancholy, the aesthetics that springs from great sadness”. Her work often questions desire and fear by evoking the human condition and leads to a reflection on our existence. Existential research allows her to keep a universal language. Her work is composed of paintings and extends in a diversity of forms and techniques, sculpture, installation, multimedia, … Her creation relates her Asian culture through confrontation and sharing with an occidental culture. She exhibits her work in France and abroad.


  • 2010
    • DNSEP (option : Art) at ESAL (Ecole Supérieure d’Art de Lorraine)
  • 2009
    • DNSEP (option : Communication) at ESAL with mentions
  • 2007
    • DNAP (option : Communication) at ESAL with compliments
  • 2001
    • Master’s degree in Social Sciences at EWHA University in Seoul, South Korea

Solo exhibitions :

  • 2020-2019
    • Exhibition “Vestiges”, CeCiL’s BOX du Cercle Cité, Luxembourg
  • 2018
    • Exhibition “Resonance”, Galerie Raymond Banas de MCL Saint Marcel, Metz
  • 2017
    • Exhibition “24 SEASONS”, Douëra, Malzéville


Group exhibitions :

  • 2019
    • “Dialogue in situ”, Weekend de l’Art Contemporain du Grand Est, Metz
  • 2018
    • Participation in the “Coloring Tour” project
  • 2017
    • Participation in the Night of the Fireflies 6, Torcheville
    • Creation of visuals for the ENSSIB’s open days
  • 2016
    • Exhibition “Pourquoi faire”, Galerie L’Esplanade, Metz
  • 2016-2015
    • Participation in the “Figures de Metz” project
  • 2015
    • Exhibition “Fond 379”, Galerie 379, Nancy
  • 2014
    • Broadcasting of the animation “Mon ami qui vit dans mes yeux” (My friend who lives in my eyes), Des pays des merveilles…, Angevillers
    • “Season I” exhibition, Galerie 379, Nancy, France
  • 2013
    • Broadcasting of the animation “Combattants de la Paix” (Peace Fighters), Art Center of Delme
  • 2011
    • Creation of a graphic charter for ATOME (theatre collective)
    • Participation in the Parcours d’Artistes, Metz
  • 2010
    • Participation in the Nuit Blanche 3, Metz
    • Exhibition “1,414”, Galerie Lillebonne, Nancy
  • 2009
    • Exhibition “Orientation”, Dado Art Center in Centinje, Montenegro
    • Creation of decorations for the festival “Chien à plumes”, Langres
    • Exhibition “The end, the beginning”, Galerie L’Esplanade, Metz
  • 2008
    • Exhibition “Mai 68 et les libertés”, L’été du livre, Metz
  • 2008-2007
    • Creation of a graphic charter for DBDC (event association)
  • 2007
    • Broadcasting of the animation ” Mon ami qui vit dans mes yeux ” (My friend who lives in my eyes), Markala Festival, Mali
    • Participation in the Thursday’s at the Centre Pompidou, Paris
    • Exhibition “Errants”, Médiathèque de Créanges, Créanges
  • 2006
    • “Double Face” exhibition, Galerie L’Espladade, Metz
  • 2005
    • Exhibition “Le temps des appareils”, Centre d’Art Faux Mouvements, Metz
    • Exhibition “Dragon”, Château Malbrouck


  • 2015
    • Finalist of the Hussenot Prize
  • 2008
    • Laureate of the “Peur(s) du noir” competition in the illustration category
    • Selection of the 15th Chaumont Poster Contest
  • 2007
    • Laureate of the poster competition for the 18th Fameck Arab Film Festival


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