Public Art Experience

A series of installations, interventions and performances: the culmination of a programme of international artists’ residencies in Belval, Luxembourg. Shimon Attie USA, Darya von Berner ES, William Engelen DE, Martine Feipel & Jean Bechameil LU, Alessandro De Francesco BE, Neville Gabie UK, Jan Kopp FR, Giuseppe Licari NL, David Rickard UK

Located in the South-West of Luxembourg, Belval is the site of a large steelworks which closed in 1997. The area is now being redeveloped turning the brownfield site into a large scientific and cultural centre, including the science faculty of the University of Luxembourg. The former steelworks have been largely preserved whilst new buildings are being constructed in and around its industrial edifice. The Fonds Belval, the governmental institution responsible for the redevelopment of Belval, established a long-term cultural strategy called Public Art Experience, which engages the public through a series of high profile artist’s residencies. Stephanie Delcroix and Michael Pinsky were selected as the first artistic directors for this programme. 

Behave, the inaugural programme of artist’s residencies, reflects on possible ways of being together and questions the “order of things” in the specific context of the regeneration of this partially closed steel factory. By isolating the words be and have, the title suggests that this emerging district oscillates between the material/industrial and the immaterial/intellectual world. During the residency period, the artists have produced a hugely diverse body of work in response to the site and the programme concept. Engaging with both the history of Belval and its current fledgling society, the artists have created films, sonic environments, computer-controlled sculptures, operas, Heavy Metal guitar ensembles, poetry, monumental wall-works, photographic lightboxes and architectural-scale casts.

Location Avenue du Rock’n’Roll / Place des Hauts Fourneaux Belval, L-4361 Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg Nearest train station – Belval-Université

Opening dates and hours: 2nd July 2016 – 1st October 2016. Wednesday – Friday 12pm – 7pm. Saturday 10am – 6pm. Sunday 2pm – 6pm.