Livre “Genesis nom COD: Eng kleng Fibel fir de Moralunterricht”

Dimensions 21.0 × 29.7 cm





Publisher: Lippertshow asbl.
Author: Patricia Lippert
Pages: 72
Published copies: 300
Signed by the artist


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“Genesis name COD” is the manuscript of a character who claims to be the creator of the universe and homo sapiens sapiens, (originally conceived as “homo insipiens”).

COD says he takes his name from the DNA code he allegedly invented when he first created the world as we know it.

With cynical humour, COD recounts the tribulations of his two protagonists: Prototype 1 Adam and Prototype 2 Eva.

The story travels back in time and into the future… The invention of “consciousness”, work, money and “private property”, would not be his own inventions… nor would they be his so-called “religious” (derived from religere and neuroses).

He claims that God is a clown…and that the “insipians” have forgotten the use of their red nose….

Patricia Lippert, 6 December 2017