Mind The Brain – 10 brains – 10 artists – 10 years

The Mind the Brain exhibition was created as part of the 10th anniversary of the Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine (LCSB) of the University of Luxembourg, which is an important milestone for biomedical research in Luxembourg.

It aims at making science more accessible to the general public and to publicize the research conducted at the CBSL. Neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s disease, for example, are a key field for the research centre.

As a result of this, the exhibition will consist of 10 sculptures in the shape of giant brains to be put on display in the centre of Luxembourg. Each brain will represent one of the research areas of the LCSB and will be conceived and created by a renowned Luxembourg artist.

Mind the Brain is an exhibition where art meets science not only to inform but also to capture the general public’s imagination.

The 10 artists featured in the exhibition are: Monique Becker, Raphael Gindt, Thomas Iser, Frank Jons (AWC), Daniel Lloyd, Eric Mangen, Marc Pierrard, Joel Rollinger, Stick, Alain Welter.

To conclude, the 10 giant brains will be on sale for the duration of the exhibition. One half of the proceeds will go to the artist and the other half will be donated to a research project on neurodegenerative diseases. This has created a way of bringing Luxembourg art to life and simultaneously funding research in the country

Exhibition on display from September 15th to October 6th 2019. More information on: https://mindthebrain.lu

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