When you take a look at Marc Wagner’s work, you are bound to be struck by the vibrant colours used. It is true, the artist expresses his extraordinarily colourful personality, in much the same way as did Gauguin, Rousseau’s border guard or the incredible Fauve artists. He uses each picture to open a window onto a tangible world where you catch glimpses of delicately shaded impressions, recollections and hidden emotions.

His landscape scenes seem like test fields. In fact the artist bases his works on real life experiences gained when travelling and then lets his imagination transform them. So we are able to discover them with a great deal of topographical liberty, coloured by his exhilarating palette. Marc Wagner often tries to tease our perception. Sometimes we lose the sense of perspective, the vanishing point escapes us, or the view from above seems dizzyingly high. We may feel unsettled and disorientated and at the same time we are transported by his poetic licence.

In his narrative scenes, the artist does not shrink from confronting us with incongruous, farcical scenes, delicately coloured with his particular type of irony and vivacious criticism. (….)

But rest assured, Marc Wagner has no intention of teaching us something. When he picks up his brushes, it is to let his canvas express his joy of painting, which seems to resound from him like the joy of sharing, of communication and of interaction with the observer. He shares a rich vision of the countryside and of  the world, poetical profusions well as the fruit of research and of experimentation…. …(Text: Nathalie Becker, September 2018).


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