Luc started his artistic endeavour in 1998 after completing his freshman year at the Institute of Arts in Brussels, Belgium.

After that, he became head of the press report service in an agency for a year, before returning to Luxembourg as a freelance photographer.

Then, he took an active role in launching a French daily newspaper and several other magazines in Luxembourg.

In 2005, he worked with the Luxembourgish Government during the Presidency of the Council of the European Union as an official photographer.

His area of expertise comprises portraits, company reports and interior design.

In 2008, he created collectifs OctobreRouge (a group of photographers) along with two other photographers, which allowed him to take on more complex projects that are outside of his usual working environment.

Luc is a specialist in the field of business and an expert in portraits. He is currently working as an institutional photographer.




    • INFAC (Centre de Formation pour les indépendants et les PME à Bruxelles) Section Photographie


    • HELB – INRACI (Haute Ecole Libre de Bruxelles – Institut de Radioélectricité et de Cinématographie) Section Cinématographie


    • 2000-2001 Studio Yves Kortum


    • 1999-2000 Agence Reporters à Bruxelles


    • 1999 Magazine news à Bruxelles


    • 1998 Assistant photographe “Shimera Studio” à Bruxelles


  • 1st exhibition as a photographer of the Collectif Octobre-Rouge, Series 1: Dress Code, Series 2: Crossing Posts.
  • Recipient Sin City Pics (photography contest in 2009, organised by the Fondation de l’architecture et de l’ingénierie (Luxembourg).


  • Exhibition at the Neumünster Abbey: “Du sourire en fauteuil” following the 2003 Rollitour 2003 for Handicap International.

Professional experience: 

    • Unit still photographer:
        • 2001 Studio Objectif  Lune


    • Press photographer:
        • Depuis 2014 Magazine Legimag
        • Depuis 2012 Bulletin d’information “COPAS News”
        • 2012-2014 edition 360 Crossmedia
        • Depuis 2008 Magazine Semper Luxembourg
        • Depuis 2004 Edition Koedinger (Maison Moderne)
        • Depuis 2003 Edition Saint-Paul
        • 2001-2003 Le Quotidien


    • Official photographer of the Luxembourgish Government:
        • Depuis 2005
            • SIP (Service Information et Presse du Gouvernement Luxembourgeois)
            • Couvertures photographiques des différentes missions nationales et internationales des Chefs d’Etat Luxembourgeois et de la Monarchie Luxembourgeoise.
        • 2005 and 2015
            • Photographe officiel de la Présidence Luxembourgeoise du Conseil de l’Europe.


    • Collaborations: 
        • since 2003: Collaboration avec diverses agences de communication et de publicité et entreprises nationales et internationales.

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