Kneip Art Lives is a success

The first vernissage of Kneip Art Lives, organized by Art Work Circle, on Thursday, March 31 at MindForest One Lounge was a great success!

More than 80 people, artists, art lovers and business leaders gathered around the exceptional works of collector Bob Kneip for the first act of the exhibition cycle.

This cycle of exhibitions will present one vernissage per month until September 2022. Each time, you will discover a new selection of unpublished works from Bob Kneip’s collection. The second act of the exhibition cycle will take place on Thursday, April 28.

For more than fifteen years, the Luxembourg businessman Bob Kneip has been collecting artworks resulting from the avant-garde Pop-Art movement. From Warhol to Hirst, Haring to Wesselman, the “Kneip Art Collection” is made up of more than a hundred exceptional pieces in various mediums, formats and techniques.

The Kneip Art Lives project aims to keep Bob Kneip’s collection alive. From his point of view, art should live and travel. A collection, as dear to the heart of its owner as it is, should not remain static. It is necessary to allow other people to obtain, or at least to see, the artworks which compose it.

The exhibition includes a sample of 18 artworks, some of which are available for sale on our website.

The company MindForest hosts the monthly exhibitions in its premises, usually available for rent, on rue Sainte-Zithe in Luxembourg City. For meetings, work groups and other professional events, contact the MindForest team and make a reservation: