From April to September 2022, Art Work Circle will be pleased to host exhibitions called “Kneip Art Lives” every last Thursday of the month, featuring artworks from the exclusive collection of Luxembourg entrepreneur and collector Bob Kneip.

These exhibitions, organized at the MindForest One Lounge pop-up gallery in Luxembourg City, will start on Thursday 31 March 2022. Damian Hirst, Keith Haring, Andy Warhol… Come and (re)discover the works of the greatest names of the Pop-Art movement!

Practical Details

Thursday 31.03.2022
Thursday 04.28.2022
Thursday 05.19.2022
Thursday 06.30.2022
Thursday 07.21.2022
Thursday 08.25.2022
Thursday 09.29.2022

From 6PM at 9.30PM

Free admission upon reservation with the Art Work Circle team

MindForest One Lounge, 11 Rue Sainte-Zithe, L-2763, Luxembourg

The Kneip Art Lives project aims to bring Bob Kneip’s Pop Art collection to life. In his view, art should live and travel. A collection, however dear to the heart of its owner, should not remain static. It must be possible for other people to acquire, or at least see, the works that make it up.

To this end, Art Work Circle will be holding a vernissage every last Thursday of the month until September to showcase works from the Kneip Art Collection. The very first vernissage of Kneip Art Lives will showcase the most emblematic works of the avant-garde movement, while the following ones will highlight themes inherent to the 1960s movement.

Between each opening there will also be lectures on subjects related to art and the business world by well-known speakers.

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Collector in the spotlight

Bob Kneip is an entrepreneur, contemporary art lover and avid collector.
In 1993 he created the KNEIP group, to help asset management companies communicate better with their investors and savers. With the rental of premises for his company in the 2000s, Bob Kneip wanted to dress up the walls and make his work spaces welcoming for clients and employees. He founded Kneip’s Art Collection and started a collection of Pop-Art works, a trend particularly appreciated by the entrepreneur. Over the years, more than a hundred works of art have been added to the collection.

In 2020, Kneip gave up his premises for a digital transformation of the company and was left with a large collection of artworks that no one would see. Now he has decided, in collaboration with Art Work Circle, to sell part of the collection to honour his vision of art, according to which works should have several lives.