Art Work Circle organises exhibitions and openings with the artists featured on the website. Feel free to visit us at our stand to find out more about the artists and their unique works of art. You can also read about our past, current and future exhibitions on this page and in our newsletters!

Exposition “Espace et désir” d’Álvaro Marzán Díaz – à partir du 8 juillet 2021

neimënster est heureux de compter Álvaro Marzán au titre d’artiste associé. Le jeune artiste d’origine [...]

[The MindCircle] Exposition Armand Strainchamps le jeudi 1er juillet 2021

Évènement terminé Merci à tous les participants de cet évènement qui a été un grand [...]

Chantal Maquet : dat huet jo näischt mat mir ze dinn [bis zum 11. April 2021 Galerie Nei Liicht, Dudelange]

dat huet jo näischt mat mir ze dinn bis zum 11. April 2021 Galerie Nei […]

Exposition “Sightlines” d’Armand Strainchamps – à partir du jeudi 29 octobre 2020

Ouverture de l’exposition « Sightlines » d'Armand Strainchamps Date : à partir du jeudi 29 [...]

Exposition ID Work on Plexi by Sandrine Ronvaux – Du dimanche 08 novembre au jeudi 19 novembre 2020

Les Annexes du Château de Bourglinster vous propose l’exposition « Work on Plexi » de [...]

SALON 2020 du CAL – Du 1er au 22 novembre 2020

Ouverture du SALON du CAL à partir de ce dimanche 1er novembre. Consultez l'invitation en [...]

How to see (again) the Armand Strainchamps Exhibition?

On Saturday 18th July 2020, the opening night of the Luxembourgish painter Armand Strainchamps took place…

Armand Strainchamps Exhibition : free live stream on Facebook

Given the Covid-19 situation and recent development, AWC has decided to spread some joy through music and arts by opening up the concert and vernissage to everyone via live stream…

Armand Strainchamps Exhibition (AWC & Partners)

Art Work Circle is pleased to invite you to participate in the Armand Strainchamps exhibition. On this occasion, we wanted to associate ourselves with the best of Luxembourg know-how. Watch out for more news during the coming weeks…

Art on the Street: art extends to Luxembourg’s stores and businesses

Initiated in October 2018 by the City of Luxembourg and carried out in collaboration with [...]

“Reunion” exhibition with Armand Strainchamps at Galerie 39

The exhibition "Reunion" at Galerie 39 brings together the artists Armand Strainchamps, Marc Theis and [...]

“Bon Voyage” exhibition by Chantal Maquet

The exhibition "Bon Voyage" at the Kulturhaus Diekirch provides an overview of Chantal Maquet's travel [...]