Event: the centre of Leudelange has been transformed into a mural painting exhibition – Exhibition opening on 13th September

Oeuvre murale de l'artiste Daniel Mac Lloyd.
31 artists have created mural paintings, some of which are very over dimensioned, on the walls of houses and other buildings, including an uninhabited farm in the city-centre of Leudelange.

A unique project led by the artist Raphaël Gindt, a native of Leudelange and President of the city’s Culture Commission.

A total of 31 artists each using very different styles will be working on the facades of uninhabited houses owned by the town of Leudelange, including the post office, which is occupied by its employees. Visitors will be able to admire these paintings and even enter the houses where they can discover an exhibition of sculptures.

“The idea is to make people discover something new”, says Raphaël Gindt, “it’s not just an art gallery with paintings hanging on a wall”. The exhibition will last three weeks but the paintings should remain there “until the buildings are demolished,” explains Raphaël Gindt.

Artists: Abys, Alight, Jonah Bache, Sandra Biewers, Laurent Blum, Franky Daubenfeld, Marion Delaporte, Flore Friden, Gera1, Raphael Gindt, Cynthia Hamen, Ayrton de la Hamette, Julien Hübsch, LeSkule, Lisa Junius, Daniel Mac Lloyd, Kit Empire, Koga One, Jo Malano, Anna Mentgen, Eleonora Pasti, Reiny Rizzi, Rocket01, Joel Rollinger, Scaf, David Soner, Tilly, Yannick Tossing, Laurent Turping, Vince Arty.

Photos: copyright François Besch / Editpress.

Leidelenger Keirmes 2.0. Exhibition at Leudelange, Place du Lavoir, city-centre. Exhibition opening on 13th September. 31 artists, 6 Live music acts. More information

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