Eric Mangen was born and raised in Luxembourg. He started working on graffiti at the end of the Nineties.

After graduating from school, he left Luxembourg for Barcelona, convinced that the Catalonian metropolis is the ideal place to practice his art.


Thanks to the nourishing vibe of the city, he painted large collective wall paintings and made decisive encounters with visionary artists.


After returning to Luxembourg, he started different projects related to graffiti, while simultaneously working on paintings on canvasses and coloured wall paintings based on small sketches and drawings.

He also opened a few bars and restaurants (King Wilma, The Vagabond, etc.) and became heavily involved with the Luxembourgish nightlife.


Eric Mangen mainly used spray cans for his graffiti as many artists did before him. As time went on, he tried a different approach by using different means of expression such as extinguishers to spray paint on inside and outside walls. Eric wants his art to breathe, to be free, alive and elusive.

In 2012, he attended the RTL show Generation Art. In 2013, he fully dedicated his life to art as a freelance artist.


During the Food For Your Senses festival in 2014, his friend Sascha Di Giambattista and him painted a gigantic 6 by 4 m canvas live at the event. They completed their ambitious artwork at the third and final day of the festival giving the audience the opportunity to witness the creative process from beginning to end. Eric also worked on an exhibition called War Paint along with the artist Adnate in Heidelberg, Germany using paint rollers and an extinguisher. Art can be a weapon of mass creation, a form of critical expression, a way of resistance and a doorway for counterculture.


Eric Mangen’s artistic world features symbols and creatures that can be found in certain underground cultures like skateboard and graffiti. He adorns house walls with gigantic snakes (Ignoramus, 2015), parrots and hands. He addresses pressing matters such as the environment, pollution, power plants, MGOs and climate change.


Eric Mangen is currently working on mid-sized and large format paintings, diptychs and triptychs as well as gigantic wall paintings.


Video portraying the artist Eric Mangen: year-end campaign for Bernard-Massard. © binsfeldagency.


© RTL – Luxembourg: ArtBox.
Interview, camera and editing: Image workshop – Sven Becker.
Creation: November 2013.

Creative process

Photos: © Monochrome Photography 2015


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