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Fernand Bertemes


Fernand Bertemes was born in 1964 in the coalfields of France to a family of farmers and workers, and developed a passion for painting from an early age. Basically, he is a figurative artist with a vigorous approach to colour. After living in Berlin and New York, he set up his studio near Paris. Since the late 1980s, he has been developing a demanding style of painting, alternating over time between subjects that are close to his heart, such as industrial, urban and animal landscapes, and paintings of his favourite models. All these subjects are nourished by his love and knowledge of classical painting, but are totally permeable to the world and contemporary art.

Artworks catalogue

A l'abordage Fernand Bertemes Print 56 × 76 cm 338 
Last Glory days Fernand Bertemes Print 56 × 56 cm 180 
Les vaches de Saint Jean Fernand Bertemes Paint 146 × 90 cm 7 110 
Even cows get the blues Fernand Bertemes Paint 101 × 133 cm
Sombre rivage Fernand Bertemes Paint 115 × 65 cm 4 050 
Sunset Fernand Bertemes Paint 118 × 135 cm 7 650 
Portrait with black Gloves Fernand Bertemes Paint 65 × 92 cm 4 050 
Waiting for my man Fernand Bertemes Paint 132 × 176 cm 12 600 
Lou Fernand Bertemes Paint 125 × 140 cm 9 450 
L'eau vive Fernand Bertemes Paint 73 × 92 cm 3 645