Cycling to work – A new sculpture by Armand Strainchamps in Dudelange

” Mam Vëlo op d’Schaff” – is an artistic project created by Armand Strainchamps in the centre of Dudelange, where he was born. The artist has installed a huge scupture on the square in front of the town hall.

The work depicts 12 steel cyclists as the artist takes a trip down memory lane from back when workers rode their bikes to the foundry or returned home from work.

The artist worked on this project for a whole year. One of the challenges was to cut out the filigree shapes from the steel plates and to create movement through the reflections of light that are then reflected in the work.

Thus, as light changes, the sculpture changes its appearance and the cyclists seem to become somewhat three-dimensional. We can also recognise the typical lines and style of the painter in the sculpture.

The four colours used are all linked to the story: blue recalls the working clothes of steelworkers, while red and yellow symbolise fire and steel.

Since he redesigned the ceiling of the train station’s main hall in 1994, Armand Strainchamps has frequently worked  in public spaces and in collaboration with various architects.

“Mam Vëlo op d’Schaff” is a very personal work of art, says the artist. “Every inhabitant of Dudelange remembers these cycling workers in the 1960s. The artist’s father was one of them. “It was a fascinating show. It took almost ten minutes for everyone to pass at the same time. It was almost like a race,” recalls Strainchamps.

This work of art isn’t just a steel memorial for those workers. “Today, we see that cycling to work has become more and more popular. Except that today, people use expensive electric bicycles and they can choose their mode of transportation.”

Mam Vëlo op d’Schaff, Place de l’Hôtel de Ville, Dudelange.

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