Ben Carter and Philippe Lamesch exhibit in New York City

Ben Carter and Philippe Lamesch currently exhibiting in New York. (Photo: Alyssa Meadows)
The artists Ben Carter and Philippe Lamesch are currently exhibiting at the Luxembourg House in New York. This exhibition is entitled “Shapes of Then & Beyond”, and addresses amongst other things the issue of climate change.

The Luxembourg House is an exhibition space located at the Consulate General of Luxembourg in New York. Regularly, artists from Luxembourg are invited to exhibit there. Since 26th September, Ben Carter and Philippe Lamesch have been presenting a series of works gathered under the banner “Shapes of Then & Beyond” which also marks their first-ever collaboration.

The exhibition displays recent works by the artists, ranging from lithographs, collages, paintings to sculptures. This partnership was inspired by Ben Carter’s project “Let’s make the climate cool again!” The penguin has become the emblematic figure of their work, the signal for global warming.

Ben Carter proposes an installation of 10 3D penguin sculptures, each carrying a suitcase, suggesting a massive exodus of these animals from the South Pole. Philippe Lamesch, for his part, is exhibiting a set of collages entitled “Nostalgia Antarctica”, representing stylized penguins in a utopian environment. Later works are also on display.

The exhibition is on display until 13th December.

Source: PaperJam.

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