Rom Lammar is a self-taught artist born in Luxembourg in 1956. He currently works and resides in Luxembourg and Palm Springs/California.

He organised his first solo exhibition in 1987 at the galerie St-Michel in Luxembourg, where he presented watercolour sketches related to the city and the Grand-Duchy itself. Since 1987, he has been exhibiting in Luxembourg, Trier/Germany, Brussels/Belgium, Verviers/Belgium, Lausanne/Switzerland, Budapest/Hungary, Paris/France, Scottsdale-Phoenix/Arizona, Montréal/Québec, New York City, Cremona (Italy) and Palm Springs/California.

Rom Lammar specialised in abstract painting during the 1990s.

From November 1992 to May 1994, he travelled all around the world to meet foreign artists and visit museums and art galleries.

In 2006, he won an award for his drawing entitled “Lovers” while finishing second for his abstract work of art  called “Tanaka” at the concours international artistique organised by the Cercle des Beaux-Arts in Verviers/Belgium.

In 2007, the American poet Sam Hamill selected one of the artists’ works of art (Strong Enough) for the cover of his new book “Avocations”.

From 2009 to 2011, the artist was represented by “Rivegauche Galleries” in Scottsdale-Phoenix (Arizona). From 2011 to 2013, he was represented by the art gallery “Andrea” in Scottsdale-Phoenix (Arizona) and from November 2016 to September 2017 by the art gallery “Rebecca Fine Art” in Cathedral City/California.

The former Director of Rivegauche Galleries Fréderic de Claremont in Scottsdale-Phoenix (Arizona) commented about Rom Lammar’s works of art: “Bold, adventurous and free are words that can be used to describe Rom Lammar’s life as well as his paintings. Rom’s works are full of intensity and sensibility. They have captivated me and they have deeply moved me. In that respect, Rom Lammar is more than an artist : he is a true visionary. Rom Lammar is one of the best abstract artists I know. His paintings are full of life, energy and just spectacular. The magic of Lammar’s compositions is based on the way he uses depth, light and shadow to set the overall mood of his paintings”.

Press release by Agora Gallery (Chelsea – New York) in November 2009.
Whether in minimalist geometric mixed-media abstractions or explosively dynamic expressionist acrylic paintings, Rom Lammar’s canvases possess a fascinating and enigmatic beauty. The Luxembourg-based artist works in a variety of styles, but with each he demonstrates a pitch-perfect sensibility to composition, color and structure. His geometric constructions – composed on canvas and incorporating various media and objects – match references to primitive art traditions with an architectural organization of color planes, shapes and lines. Their clean aesthetic and symmetry evoke monuments to some mysterious and distant culture.

Elsewhere, Lammar deploys a spectacularly dynamic and chaotic imagery that resembles explosions of color and shapes tearing across the canvas. The effect is never disorderly; Lammar crafts the sense of movement and depth with attention to every jutting form, spinning line and glowing hue. Dark and spectacular, such works have a thrilling dynamism that is all the more intriguing for suggesting violence and destruction. Working in and between these two aesthetic paradigms, Lammar proves agile in balancing austere monumentality with bursting energy


The magic of abstract painting – Rom Lammar about himself and his art.
“Creating a work of art has become an essential driving force for me. In doing so, I am able to express a certain part of my personality in a creative way. Thus, a lot of my abstract art can be viewed as inner landscapes. I am fascinated by abstract paintings as I think that the creative possibilities are nearly endless: there are no limitations as to the form and content.

Many works of art show a somewhat mysterious aspect and allow the visitor to roam through the painting in a contemplative way. I love nature: I am fascinated by the many forms and textures of it when I’m looking for inspiration. Most of my works of art feature a great deal of spontaneity and liberty. I can honestly say that I have never followed any artistic trend. I paint what I am passionate about and what helps spur my creativity. I have always wanted to create aesthetic works of art filled with harmonious forms and colours. My art is mostly meant to convey a soulscape rather than a message.”



Solo exhibitions

  • 2020
    • “Eight4Nine” – Palm Springs – California
      Title: “The abstract art of Rom Lammar.”
      Abstract paintings (acrylic on canvas)
  • 2019
    • “Luxempart” – Leudelange – Luxembourg
      A dozen recent acrylic paintings on canvas
    • “Galerie op der Kap” – Capellen – Luxembourg
      Title: “Minimal art & more”
      Abstract paintings (acrylic on canvas)
  • 2018
    • “Art on the street” – Luxembourg-City
      Organization: Artworkcircle in collaboration with the City of Luxembourg and the Union Commerciale de la Ville de Luxembourg
      Abstract paintings (acrylic on canvas)
    • «Galerie op der Kap» – Capellen – Luxembourg
      Title: «La forme des couleurs»
      Abstract paintings (acrylic on canvas)
  •  2017
    • Château de Larochette – Larochette – LUXEMBOURG
      Title: «Nella Fantasia»
      Abstract paintings (acrylic on canvas)
    • Fond de Gras (Hall Paul Wurth)
      Abstract paintings (Acrylic on canvas)
  •  2015
    • Gallery «Maggy Stein» – Bettembourg – LUXEMBOURG
      Title: «Chiaroscuro»
      Abstract paintings (acrylic on canvas)
  •  2014
    • «Galeria Immagini Spazio Arte» – Cremona – ITALY
      Title: «Ombre e Colori»
      Abstract paintings (acrylic on canvas)
  •  2012
    • Retrospective – Gallery «Maggy Stein» – Bettembourg – LUXEMBOURG
      Title: «25 ans déjà»
      Abstract paintings, masks & sculptures
  •  2010
    • Gallery «Maggy Stein» – Bettembourg – LUXEMBOURG
      Abstract paintings (acrylic on canvas)
    • Office City – Kirchberg – LUXEMBOURG
      Abstract acrylic paintings on structured canvas
  •  2009
    • Gallery «Artmonti» – Paris – FRANCE
      Abstract acrylic paintings on structured canvas
    • «Rivegauche» ARTGALLERIES – Scottsdale-Phoenix – ARIZONA / USA
      Abstract paintings (acrylic on canvas)
  •  2008
    • «Espaces Réunions» – Leudelange – LUXEMBOURG
      Abstract acrylic paintings on structured canvas
  •  2005
    • Gallery «Maggy Stein» – Bettembourg – LUXEMBOURG
      Title: «Géomaîtrise»
      Abstract acrylic paintings on structured canvas
  •  2004
    • «Galerie de Grancy» – Lausanne – SWITZERLAND
      Title: «Ombres et transparences»
      Abstract acrylic paintings on structured canvas
  •  2003
    • Gallery «Maggy Stein» – Bettembourg – LUXEMBOURG
      Title: «Symbiose»
      Abstract acrylic paintings and sculptures
  •  2001
    • «Europäische Rechtsakademie» (ERA) – Trier – GERMANY
      Title: «Ethno»
      Abstract acrylic paintings, masks and sculptures
  •  2000
    • «Château de Bettembourg» – LUXEMBOURG
      Title: «La magie de la peinture abstraite»
      Abstract acrylic paintings on structured canvas
  •  1992 – 1994
    • Round the world trip
  •  1992
    • «Source Kind» – Mondorf-les-Bains – LUXEMBOURG
      Title: «Aufbruch»
      Drawings,Gouaches,Acrylic paintings,Mixed Media
  •  1991
    • «Schauwenburg» – Bertrange – LUXEMBOURG
      Title: «Lumières et Couleurs»
      Figurative and abstract watercolor paintings
  •  1987
    • «Galerie St-Michel» in LUXEMBOURG-City
      Watercolor paintings about the country and city of Luxembourg


Group exhibitions

  • 2019
    • “Art against Cancer” – Old Town Artisan Studios, La Quinta – USA (California) In collaboration with the American Cancer Society
    • BELVALPLAZ’ART, exhibition organized by
  • 2018
    • “New painting Luxembourg”. Abbaye de Neimënster – Organization: Neimënster – Artworkcircle
  • 2017
    • “Rebecca Fine Art Gallery” – Cathedral City – USA (California)
      Title: “THIS.IS.NOW”
      Abstract paintings (acrylic on canvas)
  • 2016
    • “L’Art-Rochette” – Château de Larochette – LUXEMBOURG
      Abstract paintings (acrylic on canvas)
  • 2010
    • Gallery Gora – Montreal – CANADA
      Abstract acrylic paintings on structured canvas
  • 2009
    • Opera Gallery – Budapest – HUNGARY
      Exhibition by invitation of 27 european artists; one artist for each member country of the European Union to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the hungarian
    • AGORA Gallery – New York City (Chelsea) – USA
      Title: “Elements of abstraction”
      Abstract paintings (acrylic on canvas)
  • 2007
    • “Caves Bernard-Massard” – Grevenmacher – LUXEMBOURG
      Title: “Exposure at the four corners”
      Abstract acrylic paintings on structured canvas
  • 2006
    • “Cercle des Beaux-arts” – Verviers – BELGIUM
    • “Great International Painting, Drawing and Sculpture Competition”
      –> 1st price in category “drawings”, 2nd price in category “paintings”
    • Gallery “Futurart” – Brussels – BELGIUM
      Abstract acrylic paintings on structured canvas

Process of creation