Artist Se-Lyung Moon exhibits her Vestiges series in the CeCiL’s Box at the Cercle Cité

With her ” Vestiges ” series, Korean artist Se-Lyung Moon invites the audience to research time and memory through various types of finely carved wood.

By using wood, the artist allows us to take another look at the passing of time and to reflect on our existence in the sheer immensity of everything. Through its shapes, patterns, rings and shades, each piece of wood bears witness to its history, as these traces of life are transformed into an emotional landscape.

It has a heart, a hard heart.
Around that morpheme,
It draws gatherings of serpentine lines.

As a plastic artist, Se-Lyung Moon seeks to bring forth the aesthetics of the Bi-Jang-Mi beauty (in Korean: 비장미, 悲壯美), “the beauty where the sublime lies in melancholy, the aesthetic that springs from great sadness”. All her works of art question desire and fear by evoking the human condition and lead to a reflection on our very existence. Her existential research allows her to keep a universal language. Her works are composed of paintings in a variety of forms and techniques, sculptures, installations, multimedia creations … Her creation explores both the confrontational and sharing aspects of her Asian culture with Western culture.

With its “CeCiL’s BOX” project, the Cercle Cité welcomes artistic creations by guest artists exhibited on one of its windows located on the rue du Curé, right in the heart of the city of Luxembourg; these creations are on permanent display in this small exhibition space.

Find out more about Se-Lyung Moon and where to buy her works of art

Exhibition on display from December 12th 2019 until February 2nd 2020. Inauguration at the Cercle Cité with the artist herself on Thursday, December 12th 2019 starting at 12pm, rue du Curé, Luxembourg.

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