La peinture "Poule" de l'artiste Dany Prum est visible dans la vitrine du traiteur Cocottes rue Beaumont.
Initiated in October 2018 by the City of Luxembourg and carried out in collaboration with the Union Commerciale de la Ville de Luxembourg and the online art platform Art Work Circle, the “Art on the Street” project is an exhibition of works of art by Luxembourgish artists and artists from the Grande-Région in the windows of temporarily unoccupied commercial premises in the city centre and around the train station. As the project evolves, exhibitions can now be seen in the windows of occupied shops.

9 works can be discovered on rue Beaumont, Avenue de la Porte-Neuve and Rue des Capucins until December 4th 2019, these include: a painting by Dany Prum, photographs by Anna Krieps, prints, offset prints, a landscape and a sculpture by Ben Carter and an oil painting on canvas by Doris Drescher.

Business valorization and enhanced visibility for artists

The “Art on the Street” project aligns perfectly with the overall concept of the economic and commercial development of the City of Luxembourg and also meets the City’s cultural policy objectives. On the one hand, the project enhances windows while creating a new dynamic among shopkeepers, and on the other hand, it promotes artistic creation by providing a platform for artists to gain visibility.

Thus, with the development of the “Art on the Street” project, this 24/7 art gallery extends its visibility and allows inhabitants and visitors walking through the streets of the capital city to discover the works of national and regional artists.

15 commercial premises in Luxembourg City have participated in the “Art on the Street” project since its launch and 11 artists have already exhibited their work: Ben Carter, Doris Drescher, Frank Jons, Anna Krieps, Rom Lammar, Chantal Maquet, Mik Muhlen, Dany Prum, Armand Strainchamps, Jeanine Unsen and Christian Wilmes.

Local caterer Cocottes (3, rue Beaumont) welcomes in its shop window a large painting by the Luxembourg artist Dany Prum representing a hen in the entrance hall of a house. The work, placed next to the restaurant’s typical gastronomic products, resonates with the name of the establishment and its logo.

Alinéa, a bookstore located at 5, rue Beaumont chose to display a photograph by Anna Krieps “All Men are Players 1″ in which a sinister masked character straight out of a horror movie haunts the shop window as one might expect during Halloween, and coincides with the upcoming release of Houseker. The work is accompanied by a selection of art books carefully selected for the occasion.

The upscale menswear boutique Di Verso (10, rue Beaumont) chose to exhibit two engravings by the British artist Ben Carter, who currently resides in Luxembourg. The two steel plates Mudam Stairs 1 and Mudam Stairs 2 placed symmetrically side by side represent the well-known spiral staircase of the Musée d’Art Moderne Grand-Duc Jean (MUDAM), thus creating a “double-sided” effect. The graphic and linear aspect of the motif blends perfectly with the plain and neat shop window.

Local florist Ellébore Fleurs (16, rue Beaumont) welcomes an oil painting on canvas by the artist Doris Drescher entitled ” The Garden of Cyrus ” in its plant-filled window. The title of the work refers to the eponymous work by the writer Sir Thomas Browne published in 1658, in which the author discusses the interconnection of art and nature through the interdependent symbols of the number five and the staggered pattern.

The women’s clothing boutique Mim’z  (22, rue Beaumont) has also fallen in love with the art of Ben Carter as illustrated by offset print entitled ” Three Arches ” representing the capital city’s Viaduct. The image of the architecture rhythmically accompanies the mannequins placed in the store front with an urban and modern touch.

The children’s shoe store  Le Marquis de Lily (23, rue Beaumont) exhibits another photograph by Anna Krieps, which is a silver print limited to 3 copies of the series ” All Men are Players 4  ” representing a group of children playing in a pool that has been drained of its water. One child is wearing a lion’s mask, while another is watching the photographer’s lens.

The store Mim’z Accessoires (22, Avenue de la Porte-Neuve) chose another offset print by Ben Carter representing the red bridge ” Red Bridge ” seen from below. The modern architecture of the bridge contrasts with the houses below. The work recalls the presence of the Pont Grande-Duchesse Charlotte located near the shop.

The clothing store Bogner (19, rue des Capucins) welcomes a magnificent landscape made by Ben Carter entitled “UNESCO “. The print represents a view of the Luxembourg fortress, with the Luxembourg City Plateau and the Kirchberg Plateau in the vicinity. The work was commissioned by the Luxembourg Post for the creation of a stamp celebrating the 20th anniversary of Luxembourg as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Last but not least, Olliwood Skateshop (19, rue des Capucins) is also exhibiting art in the window of its streetwear shop. Next to their skateboards, you can see a sculpture made out of steel and gold foil by British artist Ben Carter representing The Pétrusse Skatepark.

The exhibition route can be viewed on the project’s website.

The website allows you to locate the shops participating in the project as well as museums, art galleries and other points of interest in Luxembourg City

The site also provides information concerning the works exhibited: the name of the artist, the title, the technique used, the exact dimensions and the selling price of the work. Indeed, all the works presented can be purchased via the Art Work Circle platform

Urban apéritif on November 29th at 6pm

To celebrate the success of the “Art on the Street” project, an urban aperitif, a public glass of good cheer, will take place on Friday 29th November 2019, “Black Friday” day, at 6pm in the Rue des Capucins (at number 19).

Please note that due to the Black Friday event, the shops in the Upper Town and around the train station will be open until 8 pm (list on and that the Cityshopping Info Point (Place d’Armes) will also be open, allowing visitors to find out more about the various shops in town. (Source: press release: City of Luxembourg and Art Work Circle).

Art Work Circle thanks the City of Luxembourg in collaboration with the Union Commerciale de la Ville de Luxembourg (UCVL) for the organization of this project.

Art Work Circle would also to thank all the shop keepers and artists for participating in this event.

Art on the Street, on display until December 4th 2019, rue Beaumont, Avenue de la Porte-Neuve et rue des Capucins. View the exhibition map in the shops.

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